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From the Bard Valley in California, USA. Ingredients. Ingredients unavailable. Nutritional. No Nutritional Information. Share this: Share on. Check out produce prepacked 450g at countdown Order 24/7 at our supermarket. Check out at countdown Order 24/7 at Bulk Foods loose per kg. $9.90 kg Freshlife Silver Platter Gourmet Unpitted 200g. Often called the 'Cadillac of dates', have a thick, meaty flesh and a soft, chewy texture, like caramel. Sweet with an aromatic flavour, they're. By these you support and improve the lives of Palestinian Now available in 5kg Bulk for the avid bakers amongst (delivery only). These are super succulant, moist & tasty. are usually around $1 each($38-$40 per kilo)at most suppliers or markets. Bard Valley are premium, from the USA. Moist and soft, these dates are incredibly rich in flavour with a caramel sweetness. Usda Certified. are large, soft and sweet. Frequently used as a sweetener in smoothies, baking, and desserts or enjoyed as a treat on. Are considered by many as some of the finest dates that are available in the world. Famed for their unique texture, and naturally sweet taste. 29 Sep 2016 are the Rolls Royce of the date world. They are Also available to in bulk and in packets are the Deglet Noor variety of date.

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Our Deglet Nour are sourced from the best farms in Tunisia, where they grow under a dry tropical sun and in rich, fertile soils. They're carefully. California (with pits)- Often called the 'Cadillac of dates', have a thick, meaty flesh and a soft, chewy te. Shop for dried fruit. South Island wide delivery. $14.80 $8.90. raisins | | Soul Food. The Smoothie Nutrition Calculator. Create Your Own Supercharged Smoothie with. Get StartedRose Grant's Microgreens. 2 Jun 2016 Confit duck, Lyle's golden syrup, Rooibos tea, Stroop waffles or Batteries – cheap to or check out the $2 shops. 4. Organically grown in California, are rich in flavour, 100% fat free and a natural source of These juicy, morsels can be used in baking and cooking for delicious healthy snacks or enjoyed on their own. Hand-Made wholesome treats using and healthy ingredients. Levantine specializes in Arabian desserts with a healthy twist. If you haven't tried, you're in for a surprise as these are quite different from their dried cousins. These sweet, juicy dates are a delicious treat. Farro only offers specialty Christmas items and gifts for. Browse Our Range Natural Delights Prepacked 227g. 6EA. KG. Product of USA. Home > Vege Box, Bulk Goods & a few shop favourites > - 100g 100glarger imageMove.

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Soft, creamy, and super sweet, Trade Aid's Medjoul are the caramel fudge of the fruit world. Eat them as they come, or fill with nut butter for a decadent and. Californian, AMG GROUP PR. enlisted the help of AMG PR to create awareness amongst consumers and to understand whether shoppers liked the product and if they would it in the future. Whole Foods Pitted Free Flow 1 kg. Steens UMF 10 (MGO 263)Raw Unpasteurized Manuka Honey 340 Gram - with Natural Enzymes &. With Pits. About. Often called the 'Cadillac of dates', have a thick, meaty flesh and a soft, chewy texture… Just like caramel. Large premium in bulk. Order or call Sprout on 1300793070 today.

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